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Power Uphill

bike mass [kg]
body mass [kg]
altitude gain [m]
climb length [km]
gradient [%]
time [s]
speed [km/h]
power [W]
power/mass [W/kg]
climbrate [m/min]

average power on climb stage

BTP  3.0
config Struct Reference

main user setting container More...

#include <DataTyps.h>

Collaboration diagram for config:

Public Attributes

MapSettings MS
char mintype
char maxtype
 way restrictions
STRONGsetting mconfig
 STRONGAlgo setting, fast mode.
STRONGsetting sconfig
 STRONGAlgo setting, detail mode.
STRONGsetting cconfig
 STRONGAlgo setting, climb mode.
char SRTM3folder [260]
 SRTM3 data folder.
char start_btp [260]
 osm data to load at beginning
inputstate input
 current routing mode
int drawSTRONGlayer
 create mapdialog setting
int drawRoute
 create mapdialog setting
int drawClimblayer
 create mapdialog setting
ClimbAnalyseSettings CA
ProfilSettings PS
PowerAnalysisSetting PA
int plotspeed
 Plotting power calc results.
int plotpower
 Plotting power calc results.

Detailed Description

main user setting container

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