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Power Uphill

bike mass [kg]
body mass [kg]
altitude gain [m]
climb length [km]
gradient [%]
time [s]
speed [km/h]
power [W]
power/mass [W/kg]
climbrate [m/min]

average power on climb stage

BTP  3.0
PowerAnalysisSetting Struct Reference

setting for poweranalysis More...

#include <DataTyps.h>

Public Attributes

double ws
double wd
 Wind strenght ws [bft] and direction wd [°].
double m
 system weigth [kg]
double cr
 rolling resistance
double T
 Temperature at sea level [°C].
double p0
 air pressure at sea level [hPa]
double Pvd
double Pmax
double PT
 Fermi Power function parameter [km/h,W,km/h].
double cwAvd
double cwAmax
double cwAmin
double cwAT
 Fermi CwA function parameter[,,km/h,].
int fightwind
double abrake
 maximum brake accelartion [m/s²]
double aradial
 maximum radial accelaration [m/s²]

Detailed Description

setting for poweranalysis

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