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Power Uphill

bike mass [kg]
body mass [kg]
altitude gain [m]
climb length [km]
gradient [%]
time [s]
speed [km/h]
power [W]
power/mass [W/kg]
climbrate [m/min]

average power on climb stage

BTP  3.0
crossdata Struct Reference

container struct to hold data of a cross More...

#include <DataTyps.h>

Collaboration diagram for crossdata:

Public Attributes

 neigbours to link to other cross
 memory for routing algorithms

Detailed Description

container struct to hold data of a cross

If a KOO has crossdata, than this KOO is marked as cross. The crossdata consists of

  1. a Neighbour list linking this cross to others
  2. a STRONG struct, where routing algorithm can operate on. The STRONG struct allows the algorithms to trace back their way from one STRONG struct to another and therefor from one cross back to another

Definition at line 73 of file DataTyps.h.

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