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Power Uphill

bike mass [kg]
body mass [kg]
altitude gain [m]
climb length [km]
gradient [%]
time [s]
speed [km/h]
power [W]
power/mass [W/kg]
climbrate [m/min]

average power on climb stage

BTP  3.0
Way Struct Reference

container for line geodata More...

#include <DataTyps.h>

Collaboration diagram for Way:

Public Attributes

qint64 id
 OSM way id
int nodec
 count of KOO
KOO ** node
 array KOO pointers
float minlat
float minlon
float maxlat
float maxlon
 bounding rect, for rendering
 AVL tree struct.
short balance
 AVL tree balance.
char type
char * name
 name ref owned by lines

Detailed Description

container for line geodata

A way container contains a KOO array which can be drawn on the map. Furthermore the data is neccesary to vreate Neighbour relations in the class WayHeight. The type attribute holds the function of the way:
type=-2 relationmember unused
type=-1 raw data to be classified
type= 0 Motorway
type= 1 Highway
type= 2 primary
type= 3 secondary
type= 4 track type= 5 track2 (small track, unpaved)
type= 6 wood (forrest)
type= 7 water
type= 8 river
type= 8 creek type=98 unuesed raw data to be ignored if saved
type=99 not all KOO of this Way are properly linked

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